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Romeo Foxtrot Studio

Romeo Foxtrot's creative and innovative style has been featured on various fashion blogs, magazines, worn by fashion bloggers and local celebrities.

In an effort to share my passion with aspiring young creatives, I established Romeo Foxtrot Studio through which I hope to bring the experience to you in a simple and enjoyable class type session, in the comfort of your own home.

Focussing on girls aged between 6 and 14, we do birthday parties and group lessons that are just for fun! One on one lessons can be arranged upon special request. 

After we have established a date, we can then decide on what to make! Choosing from loads of designs including bracelets, anklets to necklaces. We are happy to accommodate your party theme and color preferences (subject to availability).

Bringing the fun to your home, I will have tons of colours, 100s of charms to choose from and all the necessary equipment to make it a very fun, memorable and creative event.

Each girl will learn how to make the same design(s) that has been chosen in they own unique and creative way and the best part is, they can proudly proclaim that they have made it themselves when someone compliments their new bracelet. 

The duration of a Studio Session will be between 2-4 hours depending on the size of the group and the designs chosen.


R500 booking fee (non refundable and to be paid to secure date)

Prices start at R80 per child in the group. Below are examples of what to expect for each item, but due to trends changing, we have new options available regularly to discuss to accommodate themes and budget etc. 

* To get a personalised quote and to make a booking, please contact me via or fill in the form below

Single Bracelet - R80 per person

Beaded Bracelet R120 per person

Wrap Bracelet R120 per person

Anklet R120 per person

Necklace - R120 per person

Charm Bracelet - R150 per person

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