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Boho Chic Bridesmaids

Rouxmia Bougas Bohemian Boho Chic Bridal Bridesmaids Shoots

Style your girls to be the ultimate boho chic bridesmaids! Today Romeo Foxtrot and fashion designer Jacoba Clothing shows us how to mix and match elegant bridesmaid gowns with feminine boho chic accessories.  “Bohemian wedding chic has been one of the most popular wedding styles for the last season and is expected to be even more popular for the next season,” shares Jacoba Clothing. Bohemian Chic Accessories: When it comes to bohemian style weddings, you can have so much fun with accessories! The variety is endless. My favorite accessories for bridesmaids are definitely our handmade flower crowns. They are a sure hit and gives...

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Stasjja Jacobs (Ice Genetics) November Wellness Magazine Cover Shoot

Rouxmia Bougas Covers Magazine Features

My gorgeous friendy finally was available to shoot a cover for Wellness Magazine! And goodness, did she look gorgeous! See our latest summer range on this stunning human being!      

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Wellness in the City - Marissa and Nicole shoot for the October cover for Wellness Magazine

Rouxmia Bougas Covers

What an honor to have been able to put bling on these fabulous two girls from Wellness in the City Wellness in the City is an aspirational health, fitness and beauty blog – created to inspire, encourage and motivate readers to embrace a healthier lifestyle! They are not extreme health fanatics but rather aspire to live balanced healthier lives whilst trying out the latest fitness fads, nutritional offerings, and unique beauty and wellness products, on offer both locally and internationally. Be sure to like their page here Not only did their smiles light up the whole of Cape Town, but since...

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Jewelry Hacks: Put bracelets on by yourself using a paper clip.

Rouxmia Bougas Jewelry Hacks

As easy as that :)  

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Symbolism and Charms

Rouxmia Bougas Charms Gifting Meanings Symbols

I am obsessed with charms! Big, small and all shapes! But have you ever wondered about meanings behind a certain charm or symbol? If you are curious like I was, then here is a little list! The stories behind a lot of popular symbols are fascinating, and many have multiple meanings since they have been interpreted - and re-interpreted - by different cultures around the world for ages. There isn't enough space here to share everything about these unique shapes, but hopefully you will enjoy learning a little more about them! A charm necklace can reflect different moods, goals or...

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